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Why Traditional Grocery Businesses Are Moving Towards Virtual Based Offering?


It is noticed that in the last few years after the emergence of e-commerce industry, we have noticed a steep fall in the business graph of retail grocery industry. The industry has absorbed far more changes that it anticipated. Now, the majority of the grocery retailers have moved to an online store from a brick ‘n’ mortar store, mobile apps and websites have taken the industry by storm. The introduction of grocery shopping app has brought the revolution across the world and these online grocery stores has emerged as a blessing for people across the globe as they get the leverage to do grocery shopping in pajamas without even going out of their bedroom.

I am living in Singapore from the past 15 years and I have seen the hassle people used to face while shopping for groceries. Going for grocery shopping was indeed a nightmare for each one of us as we often get time to go to supermarket due to long working hours. In last few years, especially after the introduction of a mobile app of grocery store, buying grocery is on our fingertips. People in Singapore nowadays prefer online grocery shopping in Singapore over traditional supermarkets due to the comfort and convenience these virtual stores offers to them.


4 Basic Reason Behind People’s Movement Towards Online Grocery Shopping:

As we have discussed above that people are inclined towards online grocery shopping and delivery in Singapore due to the comfort and fun it offers. Let’s discuss some more points behind the success of these virtual grocery stores in Singapore.

  • Buy Grocery Online 24 x 7

One of the biggest benefits of grocery e-stores for Singaporeans is that they can buy grocery anytime from anywhere as they do not need to manage time like earlier. This way they can save a lot of time, fuel and energy.

  • Pre-Scheduled Delivery Slot

Another revolutionary benefit is that you do not have to wait at home for the delivery boy to come. You can simply select the time slot for the grocery delivery as per your convenience while placing the order. This helps you to buy grocery online from office and schedule the delivery at the time you reach to home.

  • Free Home Delivery

No need to lug heavy grocery bags to home as online grocery stores offer you a free home delivery service. Now, you just need to sit back and order grocery online and these virtual grocers will deliver your order in a jiffy to your doorstep and that too totally free. You just need to follow the parameters and guidelines these websites suggest and you can avail the free shipping service.

  • Heavy Discounts and Offers

Another Key benefit of buying through grocery app is the discounts and deals it offers when buy through app. You just need to apply the discount coupon codes and these online retailers will give you heavy discounts in form of cash backs, percentage discount, buy 1 get 1 free and many more. Just grab these amazing offers instantly to save money while shopping for groceries.



Buying groceries online through mobile and laptops is totally a game changes for people across the world. It has helped them a lot in saving time, money, energy and what not. Therefore, switch to online grocery shopping and enjoy the most amazing shopping experience.

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