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I Spend $200 Dollars On Grocery Shopping And Return Home With Handful Of Product


There was a time when money has a certain value but last Monday I realized that now the time has changed and the value of money has diminished rapidly with time. Last week I went to a nearby grocery store to buy grocery with a list of some required products. After wandering through 10 different aisles I fetched the products, then I stood for almost 30 minutes at the billing counter to make the payment and you won’t believe that for only 5 products I paid $200.


I paid the amount and realized that time has really changed because managing your budget these days is a tedious task to perform. Last week, my friend suggested me to switch to an online grocery shopping in Singapore and said that these store offer products at a lesser price as compared to traditional grocery stores.

Initially, I didn’t trust him but later I thought of trying it once and on Sunday I browsed 10 different online grocery websites in Singapore.

What You Should Check When Choosing The Grocery Store?

While browsing the websites I have focused on a few requirements which an online grocery store in Singapore must possess. I would like to share it with you so that it will help you choose the website when buying grocery online.

  1. Check For The Delivery Service

Firstly, you should always check that the e-store you are choosing delivers in your area or not. Although, every website in Singapore delivers across the country still there is no harm to cross-check the delivery service availability.


  1. Choose The Website With Unlimited Products

Another factor on which I focused was of the availability of all the grocery products. If you get all the products under one roof it will be beneficial for you to pick your stuff in less time. Also, it helps you to avoid hopping to buy your product and save your time and effort.


  1. Check The Reviews

It is also essential to check the user reviews because it will help you built a positive or negative mindset about the website and if you find that the reviews given are positive then it will be easy to build trust on that virtual grocery store.


  1. Compare Price

Comparing the price of grocery items before picking any website is really an important thing which you all must do. However, check for the quality at the review option because there is no point of buying at a cheaper price if the product quality is not good. This helps you to buy the best quality product at cheaper price.


Do You Want To Spend Less And Come Home With Bag Full Of Grocery?

If you want to reverse the scenario and want to spend less on your grocery shopping but return home with a bag full of groceries, then you should switch to online grocery shopping and delivery in Singapore.

These online stores offer great deals to their customer which you can grab instantly by applying the coupon codes. It can be a percentage discount, buy 1 get 1 or any other special offer. You can simply avail the offer and keep your pocket happy by saving money on buying groceries.



I must say that online grocery shopping has really helped me in saving time, efforts and especially money. I can guarantee that this is the most convenient and profitable method of buying groceries. So, choose online grocery stores and get the best shopping experience.

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