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Buy Grocery Online: Save Money With Heavy Discounts On Groceries Online


Shopping for groceries online is a huge money saver as it offers quality products at discounted rates. Online grocery shopping is also time saver and that alone is worth a lot of money. The price in online grocery stores is comparatively lesser than what you get at supermarkets, but this doesn’t mean that you will buy more if getting cheap. Always follow the list you have prepared before doing online grocery shopping in Singapore to avoid being impulsive. Online grocery stores not just provides great deal of grocery items but the quality of products they offer is far better than the local grocery shop.


When we buy fresh veg and fruits Singapore through regular shops, they charges outrageous amount for these perishable products. However, online grocery stores offer fresh vegetables, fruits and dairy products in Singapore of better quality at discounted prices. This is the key factor of shifting people towards online stores than a regular grocery shop.

Types of Discounts Offered by Online Grocery Stores

There are many ways in which these discounts are offered by the online grocery stores to their valuable customers. Let’s discuss some common discount offers by online stores.


  • Discount Coupons

This is the most common way of giving discounts. Online retailers generate some code which customer can apply while shopping online.

  • Discount on First Order

Some online grocery stores in Singapore gives discount to its customer on their first order. This can be a price discount or a gift voucher which customer can avail on his or her next purchase.

  • Discount through App

Mobile app is a very common platform for online shopping. Every online retailer has their mobile app to engage more customers. However, there are some people who do not download these apps for shopping online as they still believe in conventional shopping than to buy groceries online.

Therefore, to attract such people and to increase their customer base, online stores gives heavy discounts on downloading their mobile app or on buying groceries through app. This way you can save a lot of money while shopping for groceries.

  • Discount through Cash Backs

The most common and successful form of discount these days is ‘cash backs’. Online stores are giving cash backs to their customers when you buy grocery from their store. You just need apply the code and get cash back into your account.

  • Discount on Delivery

Key factor behind the success of online grocery stores is that it is a convenient way of buying groceries as you get your order delivered at your door step without getting into any hassle. But do you really want to pay extra for the home delivery? I am sure that the answer to this is a big ‘No’. Therefore, many online grocery stores in Singapore have come up with a concept of free home delivery. You just need to place an order of certain minimum value to avail free home delivery service in Singapore.



We can conclude with the above article that online grocery store are really successful in Singapore as it offers great deals and discount to its customers. You can avail these discounts to save a lot of money and to experience grocery shopping with free home delivery.

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